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Please, you have to be first moral ethical gratitude, mother land language respected person, from your state, who can write at least 2 mother language words along with English, as my best moral god fear friend.

Please try to write 'Srinivas is an idiot with 75 yrs old mother' or something else, in your own mother language, if you have gratitude on your mother.

If you don't have respect and gratitude and still want to wait few more years, no problem, your kids and time will teach you that with interest in future


If there is a will, then there is away. If you have passion, you will find it.

You have translator in Google. But still that is not correct. Wrong attitude.

So google keyboard Indic app or many other keyboard apps or websites available for typing in English as regional language OR directly typing in regional language letters.

Try for 2 words, first week it may be difficult as usual to learn anything new, later we can write series of articles.


Lol, the answer is also there for difficult to learn.

Same situation for everyone to escape from responsibility and gratitude. No time for good except movie, drink, chit chit to kill us.

But mom land respect gratitude is first priority, not now 5yrs before, already too late.

If corona visit us by any chance, we don't know still we have any chance for gratitude for mom land god.


We have 3 Gunas/ characters of mind. Sattvic, rajas and tamas. See how they respect and follow good and best.

Tamas will not listen. They don't care or respect anything or anyone. fear, lazy, Sleepy, selfish mode Or show 1000 reasons and argue for not doing good. Need many births to reach god. Ex: Rakshasa or lazy people.

Rajas, listen understand may do many things or may not listen, always try to argue to practice good. Need more births but less than tamas. Ex: Ravan, Duryodhana

Rajas and Tamas will face more issues with more pain in the life and will always blame others and God to survive.

Sattvic, he will show prove that he knows that good and maintain that character even as poor. Think about others good. If it is his mistake, he will correct and learn it. He also faces issues with smile, he will blame his fate and attitude only and correct it after god lesson. Ex: Rama, Krishna

Because his way is always to wards God in perfect best moral way. He still needs few more births to see God.

But to see God, we should be above of all these 3 Gunas, remember.

Decide yourself. Where you are and where you want to be, how long you need to follow and practice good?  
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ఆత్మ వంచన కాపీ వద్దు, ఫార్వార్డ్ ముద్దు. స్వార్థం నిర్లక్ష్యం వదిలి, భారతీయ విలువల, మంచిని పంచిన పెంచిన పుణ్యం.
మా సామాజిక చైతన్య సమాచారం లో తప్పులు ఉంటే మన్నించి, బాధ్యత గల పౌరునిగా, మంచిని పెంచే, ఆదర్శ వ్యక్తి గా, సరిచేసి సూచించగలరు.
మాతృమూర్తి మాతృభాషను గౌరవించి, తెలుగు లో సొంతం గా 2 మాటలు రాయడం, కనీసం మమ్మల్ని తిట్టేందుకు అయినా. ధర్మాన్ని రక్షించిన, అది మనల్ని కాపాడుతుంది.

ఆ టీవీ, ఈ టీవీ, మీ టీవీ, మా టీవీ, వాళ్ళ టీవీ పత్రిక - అన్ని టీవీ, పత్రిక వార్తలు వినోదం ఇక్కడే
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