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Our parents are our living gods. If we are not touching our parents feet frequently then touching the God feet will be useless. HE knows our drama well, because he is bigger actor(Lord Krishna or any God) than us. They will give same result to us.

If we are financially unstable then that case is different, but still we have responsibility to see and talk to them daily at least on phone.

Stable financial guys are also escaping by showing silly reasons to keep them away. Like, My parents don't want to come here or they like mother land. Say the truth, they don't have confidence on me and my family.

Then definitely, they won't come and stay with us by showing different reason. Parents are ready to die for their own children, so they won't say no if their children are pure.

If we already sold our self(soul) to money(dowry) or something else then we don't have right to blame the 2nd person(partner).

For example, If we are 4 children to our parents, they will give same affection, hugs, kisses and provides everything equally to all 4. They didn't show any bias between 4 children. They put every drop of sweat for all 4. Mom gave her blood as milk for each one with affection.

So we(each of 4) have to give back all their kisses/ hugs/ affection before they go to heaven. After that, it is impossible to get them back even with millions. That sin will follow us till end and after that also.

If God comes now with 100 million and asks that 4 children, guys tell me who will take this money? Then all 4 families will fight and shout, Oh God please give that to me only, I will take care about the rest. correct? Because it is money and we love that and we die for that.

Then what about our parents? Are they not worth of millions? If that is true, we might be on road for begging.

To take the responsibility of old or deceased parents, all 4 families will fight and say, keep them with you and we will give money or asset. I don't want to take that burden of old folks or they won't adjust with us, because I have my own great kids or family or responsibilities. lol . . .

Then, are we not selfish people, ungrateful and cheaters? We don't want to give our comfortable life to our loved parents. Our kids will also do the same, by adding compound interest. Without caring parents, even if we help 100 guys, it's value is zero.

Please give back all their hugs, kisses, affection, holding hand while they are on earth.  
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