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1. Feeds(India and USA) are available.

2. Now you could search by Youtube Category, TV Name, Video Title and also by Language. As of today the available categories and their count available on site :
India Videos : Comedy - 122, Entertainment - 726,  News - 3092, Travel - 56

USA Videos : Entertainment - 247, Film - 41, News - 654, Shows - 226, Sports - 25, Travel - 55

* For exmaple, if the youtube user is not selected correct category while uploading, still we have to show the same. That means, if user uploaded movie video under news category then it will display under news category.

3. Page numbers will show only for first 10 pages and show the total pages count.

4. When you selected a video for play, the next 5 videos also available in the play list. You could choose them while playing the current selected video. Sometimes if the video has different parts then you will see other parts in the same video list. You could identify the video with parts with ^ symbol.

5. Related videos are displayed under the current playing video.

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